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COVID-19 Prevention Policy

We'd like to reassure our customers that we are following the guidelines in the production & handling of our products to reduce the chances of, and/or avoid any COVID-19 contamination. How?

  • All our products (with the exception of Face Masks) were made & packed prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020
  • Each Fabric Face Mask is separately packed into a sealed bag with a Desiccant Bag (to absorb moisture) & then sprayed on the outside of the plastic bag with Disinfectant (Pine O'Clean - kills 99.9% of germs) before being packed for orders.
  • While fulfilling orders, hands are sanitised after each Face Mask has been sprayed with Disinfectant & before placing them in Postage Packs.
  • Each item of clothing (other than Face Masks) is sealed in a plastic bag purchased prior to COVID-19.
  • All our items are stored in Brighton, Australia, in large sealed storage tubs.
  • Products are only handled by the owner of BBboho (currently in lockdown like everyone in Victoria @ 31 July).
  • All jewellery components have been sanitised.
  • Each piece of jewellery is cleaned & stored in plastic bags purchased prior to COVID-19.
  • Your goods are posted by the owner of BBboho who wears disposable gloves & a mask in the local Australia Post outlet.
  • Packed goods are placed directly into Postage Packs & do not sit on surfaces in the Post Office.
  • We use our own pen to write address details, NOT the Australia Post biros.
  • Hand sanitiser is used Before & After packing goods.
  • Australia Post has it's own Statements on COVID-19 impacts.
We hope you feel more comfortable that we are following the guidelines to reduce the chances of our products being exposed to possible contamination. 

    We recommend that you wash your hands after handling postage packs & throw postage bags straight into the bin once you have removed our goods. For additional caution you can also pre-wash your Fabric Face Masks in hot soapy water prior to use (suggestion only).

    If you have any concerns regarding our COVID-19 handling procedures please get in touch via email or Call 61+ 457 103 569.