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Caring For

Most of our products are handmade. Clothing is hand-dyed, stitched manually on a sewing machine & embroidered by machine or by hand. Our jewellery is hand-made or put together using imported components.

A little loving care means you can get the most out of your garment or item of jewellery. Please follow these guidelines for best results. 


Face Masks are best hand-washed for longevity & to reduce wear on the thin/soft elastic ear straps. Most can be machine-washed unless otherwise stated on the product description e.g. if the fabric colour bleeds like Blur Kids Mask.

We recommend a hot soapy wash & a few drops of eucalyptus oil (a natural anti-bacterial) or wool wash to freshen the fabric. Don't use eucalyptus oil if you are allergic to it or have asthma.

Wrap Dresses/Skirts are made from 100% Rayon & hand-sewn. Hand wash in cold or warm water & gently squeeze out rather than wring. Line dry or dry clean.

Embroidered Dresses/Kaftans are hand-dyed, woollen tassels hand-sewn, embroidered manually on a sewing machine. Hand wash in cold water, separately, & gently squeeze out rather than wring. Line dry only.

Yoga Leggings/Tops/Singlets are made from 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex, hand-dyed & hand tie-dyed. Dye is non-colourfast. Hand wash in cold water, separately, & gently squeeze out rather than wring. Line dry only away from other garments.

Scrunchies can be machine washed. If they are made from 100% Cotton thread (eg. Chunky Scrunchies) they will last longer if you hand wash them.  

Pashmina Shawls/Wraps are made from 100% Goats Wool & hand-woven. Hand wash in Wool Wash using cold water. Gently squeeze out & line dry or dry clean.


  • Store jewels in a jewellery box or pouch to reduce oxidation & sun damage.
  • Avoid swimming or showering with jewels on.
  • If you do get jewellery wet, pat dry to avoid tarnishing as soon as you can.
To make the most of your Plated jewellery:
    • Keep it dry at all times.
    • Do not wear in the shower or sea.
    • Keep away from lotions & perfume.
    • It's normal for plating to wear off over time. 


    As with any metal (Sterling Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Alloy) it will tarnish over time. You can reduce this by:

    • Using a polishing cloth.
    • Cleaning jewellery with metal polishing solutions such as Silvo' or 'Bronzo'.
    • Patting dry afterwards.
    • Storing in airtight box or pouch.