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Markets & Festivals

We love markets & festivals, it's where we began!

You’ll find Brighton Beach Boho at Emu Plains Market in Balnarring, Victoria, monthly for the season (from Oct to April).

We also attend Little Beauty Market, The 5ifth Makers Market, 'Bourne Local Elwood Market, Boho Luxe Market, Mount Martha South Beach & Brighton Soul Night on occasion throughout the year.

The main Festivals we love being a part of are The Mind Body Spirit Festival @mbsfestival, Seven Sisters Womens Festival @sevensistersfestival Boho Luxe Market @boholuxemarket.

If you want to be sure of where to find us on any particular date please send us a message or check our Instagram/Facebook for details.


Emu Plains Market 2023/24

Much more than a market @emuplainsmarket is a monthly feast of art, food, design & culture set amidst a Stringy Bark forest at Emu Plains Reserve, at Balnarring Racecourse, Coolart Rd, Victoria, 9am-2pm. No dogs, ++ kids & family fun! Held every month on the third Saturday from October to April.

  • Sat 21 Oct 2023, 9am-2pm 👍
  • Sat 18 Nov 2023, 9am-2pm  👍
  • Sat 16 Dec 2023, 9am-2pm (Cancelled Due having the Flu)
  • Sat 20 Jan 2024, TWILIGHT, 3pm-8pm - (Unable to Attend)
  • Sat 17 Feb 2024, 9am-2pm -  (Unable to Attend)
  • Sat 16 March 2024, 9am-2pm -  (Unable to Attend)
  • Sat 20 April 2024, 9am-2pm -  (Unable to Attend)

The 5’IFTH Makers Market 2023/24

Come relax on the lawn at ‘Chill Hill’ in Chelsea’s Bicentennial Park, Scotch Parade, Victoria @the5ifthmarket. Shop from 120+ makers & gourmet foodies while listening to live acoustic tunes. Ideal for kids & dogs, with plenty of street parking on & around the site. There’s even a skatepark & amazing kids playground right next door.

  • Sat 30 Sept 2023, 9am-1pm 👍
  • Sat 28 Oct 2023, 10am-2pm 👍
  • Sat 25 Nov 2023, 10am-2pm  👍
  • Sat 27 Jan 2024, 10am-2pm - (Unable to Attend)
  • Sat 24 Feb 2024, 10am-2pm -  (Unable to Attend)
  • Sat 30 March 2024, 10am-2pm - (Unable to Attend)
  • Sat 27 April 2023, 10am-2pm - (Unable to Attend)

Lakeside Market Pakenham

The Lakeside Market Pakenham 2023/24

The Lakeside Market Pakenham @lakesidemarketpakenham is set around the beautiful Lakeside Park in Pakenham, out the front of Cardinia Cultural Centre. It’s hugely popular with young families, dog-friendly & has 80+ amazing makers Stalls & delicious food vans.

Brighton Soul Night Market 2023/24

The boutique Soul Night Market @soulnightmarket in Brighton is held at Green Point Reserve - a spectacular cliff-side Reserve looking down Brighton Beach which is famously lined with colourful beach boxes. Our home turf & a perfect place to shop on a hot summer evening 5pm to

  • Fri 1 Dec 2023, 5pm-9pm - Cancelled (Due to Weather)
  • Fri 5 Jan 2024, 5pm-9pm - (Unable to Attend)
  • Fri 2 Feb 2024, 5pm-9pm -  (Unable to Attend)
  • Fri 1 March 2024, 5pm-9pm -  (Unable to Attend)
  • Fri 5 April 2024, 5pm-9pm -  (Unable to Attend)

Little Beauty Market

Every month @littlebeautymarket celebrates art, design, craft, food & culture. Set within the picturesque grounds of Beauty Park around the lake, at Spring Street in Frankston, Victoria. Featuring some of Melbourne's best makers & creators hand picked for their uniqueness, creativity & ethos. Dog friendly & heaps of family fun.

  • Unable to attend this Year due to other Markets

'Bourne Local Elwood Market

'Bourne Local Elwood Sunday Market @bourne_local_markets is a family + dog friendly event with live music, wonderful hand-made stallholders & great gourmet foods. Easy parking on the Elwood Foreshore at Beach Avenue with the beach, grassy foreshore & Elwood Park picnic spots all in one spot

  • Unable to attend this Year due to other Markets

* Photos from top - Emu Plains Market first & second, Little Beauty Market, The 5ifth Market, Seven Sisters Festival the last three.