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Why support handmade?

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Why support handmade?

Supporting handmade is important for so many reasons...the families behind the clothing, the long passed-down expertise to each generation, the careful use of fabrics & up-cycling & 'that feeling' you get when you wear something made with loving attention.

Handmade pieces are made in small quantities, fabrics carefully selected based on what customers favour (Cotton, Rayon, Batik, Tie Dye, Ikat), what’s trending, and how the fabric hangs or flatters.

If you know who your customers are, then designing and making clothes with that ‘ideal customer’ in mind is key.

Brighton Beach Boho has a small team of amazingly talented women working with us in Sanur, on the Indonesian Island of Bali. Our Pattern Maker, Eni Murniati, has more than 17 years experience & runs her own business designing & making clothing for important Hindu events and weddings.

She is vastly experienced in working with local fabrics, fabric printers, knows all the fabric wholesalers and does a lot of running around to make everything happen (with the help of her husband Putu, who is not just ‘any’ Balinese Driver, but knows the history of Indonesia & it’s politics).

When it comes to the Dressmaking, Ketut Iluh has more than 15 years experience & works tirelessly around the clock managing 4 young children while perfecting seams & ruffles. She is simply amazing. Hard, hard working and crucial to her family’s livelihood.

The creative talent runs right through Eni’s Familly, with her daughter Fifi operating her own wedding photography studio RahayuWedding & 3 year-old daughter Aulia giggling and making everyone laugh and smile no matter how tough life gets.

When you buy handmade there is a long story behind each item…it’s journey to your front door is fairly exciting!

That dress or skirt has no doubt been on an outdoor printing press shaded by banana palms, travelled on the back of an auto rickshaw, been cut, stitched, pressed, bagged and then traveled on several international flights.

Its design has been carefully considered, budgeted for, cut to flatter a number of body shapes & colour chosen with our customers always front of mind.

Enjoy & respect your BBboho garment, its story will ‘whisper’ to you as its pleats and ruffles enfold you with love.

‘Love What You Wear, Be Your Own Bohemian.’

Photo: Eni Murniati & Ketut Iluh, Sanur, Bali.