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The Spring Wrap Dress as Versatile as the Season

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The Spring Wrap Dress as Versatile as the Season

Spring brings blossoms & burly winds. Hope, change & a lot of uncertainty about what to wear!

Desperate for warmer weather we can leave the house clad for a day at the beach, only to get drenched early afternoon. The strong winds in September also give rise to our hemlines. 

Those dreaded gusts can leave us holding our breath. Arrh, what to wear? There are certain styles that hold up if the weather swings from 10 Degrees to 26. We take a look at a few here:

Spring 2020 Styles You Can Rely On

The Wrap Dress - make sure your Wrap Dress has plenty of 'wrap around' fabric. If the pattern has not allowed for the fabric to fold generously around your hips it will flutter up. You want to be able to walk with confidence & wear it to work, not just play. The biggest 'pro' is versatility - both the ability to adjust the waist & wear layers underneath or over the top.

The Midi Skirt - the key to the Midi Skirt is the length & weight of the fabric or hemline. Maxi's can be hard to wear in wind & often end up needing to be knotted to the side. So Midi's fill the gap, especially if you are not 6 foot tall! Look for Midi's with a strong hemline, or trim, that give them some bottom-weight. An elastic waist is also a plus if you're throwing on top layers like a Cardi or Cable Knit or want to tighten your waist with a chunky belt. 

Wrap Dress or Midi Ruffle Skirt you're set for Spring & Summer 2020 with a trusty T-shirt or Camisole.