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JAN 'SALE' ON + FREE Ship Aust > $80. 'Click Collect' OPEN in Brighton, Vic JAN 'SALE' ON. FREE Ship Australia > $80. 'Click Collect' OPEN in Brighton, Vic. Next Market Sat 29 Jan @the5ifthmarket, 10am-2pm, Chelsea
Marmalade Mini - Brighton Beach Boho

Brighton Beach Boho

Marmalade Mini

$3.50 $3.00

Ikat handmade marmalade mini scrunchie
100% handwoven Ikat fabric  
 9cm x 9cm diametre, fabric width 2cm
 Stretches to 13cm
 Suit thin or medium hair
 Gentle handwash  
* Ikat is a 'resist' dyeing technique on the yarns prior weaving