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Gift Cards make excellent Christmas gifts

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Gift Cards make excellent Christmas gifts


When in doubt, grab a Gift Card to get a smile this Christmas.

Everyone knows that 'sinking' feeling when you get handed a beautifully wrapped gift. With apt attention & gratitude you open it to find 'a floral tissue box cover' that you know is going off to Vinnies at the next opportunity. Or guiltily 're-gifted' when you find just the right person who would love it.

Well-meaning relatives can go all out in the frenzy of Christmas in Shopping Plazas. Hot in the face to find a park, rush, grab, run to the self check out with their Christmas 'list' ticked off.

Buying their 'idea' of the best thing for someone's taste, style, possible usefulness with the best of intensions.

Gawd, I do it too! Buy stuff that really no-one needs, or probably wants, as it winks at me from a Department Store side isle.

The temptation is wanting to wrap it to give someone something solid, pretty, real. Ribbons & all.

These days however, we often get it sooo wrong. The niece & nephew want cash, the kids want Robux Gift Cards, my Aunts' their choice of Art Supplies. Mum says she doesn't want 'anything' this year except to make it to 2023!

Argh, what to do? Then there's the other issue...what do you give someone who is picky, has everything, hates fake smelling things or clutter, is very particular in their outfit choices due to their body shape. Give up? Never! Get a Gift Card. A non-plastic one in fact. Biodegradable. 

The cream on the cake is that the Gift Card is for handmade bohemian clothing, jewellery & accessories made with love, supporting not another village 'goat' in a far-flung developing nation, but real people in Bali, India & here in Australia! Wow, now that's a novel Christmas idea...

Merry Christmas xx 

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